The Counties: Why I donated ngothas to school kids— MP


Vihiga County Women representative Dorcas Kedogo.

It is the campaign season and as usual politicians are trooping back to the constituencies with goody bags to entice wananchi into electing them back to office.

When Vihiga County women reresentative Dorcas Kedogo decided to give ‘kitu kidogo’ in form of underpants to primary school kids in five schools in Vihiga constituency, she felt the wrath of her constituents and from Kenyans on social media.

Kedogo received a tongue lashing on social media, with people mocking the ‘noble’ initiative and terming it as lack of sustainable agenda for residents.

“Tulikosea wapi kama Vihiga. Our leaders will be the very end of us. A leader donating underpants to kids and gathers the bile, she has the temerity and audacity to pose for picture. Tulikosea wapi jameni?” Anyamah wa Anyamah posed on Facebook.

Another blogger, Oscar Moran, wrote: “She lacks ideas and she’s void of a sustainable agenda for our constituents. She wants to bring her bad record to our constituency.”

“How many have you sponsored to the university? And as a good mum how many have you given jobs so that we can keep your testimonies in our poor villages? It is through showing us how to fish not you to fish for us,” Zilper Kasaya posted.

But while speaking at Kegoye secondary school, Kedogo defended her decision to buy school children underwear, calling it a worthy course.

The county women representative said despite the vast criticism, the children who got the ngothas were grateful since many of them were walking naked.

“If a mother sees that her children are walking naked, should she not cloth them? I did what every mother would have done. It is only a mother who knows the difficulty her children are going through and looks for alternatives of saving face,” she said.

Kedogo promised to distribute more ngothas because she realised, “Many others kids were salivating when their friends were getting new inner-wear.”

“After I gave out the first distribution, many more parents have called asking me to deliver inner-wear to their schools,” she said.

Some locals have heaped praised on the women rep saying she didn’t deserve the criticism.

“Congrats well done that’s a heart of a true leader and a mother ignore the critics. Even Jesus was criticised despite doing good. Be blessed and may God see you through the coming election and by faith you will be a victor,” Carol Oyah posted on Facebook.

Kedogo urged Vihiga residents to be contented with the little that she had done for them and to stop expecting too much from politicians during this time.

Kedogo will be contesting the Vihiga Constituency seat to replace Yusuf Chanzu who is running for governor.


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