The Counties: How con prophet tricked me into sex — Civil servant


Helen Atsenga in an old photo and her medical records. Photo: Pkemoi Ng’enoh

Helen Atsenga has accused a city con prophet of taking advantage of her desperate situation and toying with her privacy. The 53-year-old mother-of-one says the ‘man of God’ tricked her into having sex with him before gathering all the evidence and taking off. The matter is booked at Buru-buru police station under OB 24/05/04/2017.

 On March 23, this year, Helen Atsenga received a life-changing call from a stranger. She was worried about her only daughter who she had not seen in over 10 years and the, “the man, who introduced himself as a prophet claimed he knew all about it and was sent by God to heal my broken heart.”

 Atsenga, 53, claims that 10 years ago, her daughter Jane Muhenge, a student at local university eloped with Cameroonian. “I think witchcraft is behind all this and is making her not get in touch with her mother,” said the caller.

Desperation to find her lost child drove her to city churches where she dropped off her contacts to hundreds of preachers hoping for divine intervention.

 “That prophet hinted that he could bring back my daughter in three days but he needed Sh3,000 for fasting and prayers,” she said.

 Atsenga sent money via M-pesa and as per the prophet’s instructions, “I bought five metres of pure white cloth, six candles of different colours and incense for the prophet’s special prayers.”

“The following day, he called again for Sh4,500 for my cleansing,” Atsenga claims. “He instructed me to put the stuff in a black polythene bag with Sh300 and another Sh600 for buying a cockerel but his son did not show up to collect them,” she says.

Money wired to different numbers was received by a Bwete Umar. This was suspicious but the determined mum ignored her gut feeling and agreed to deliver these prayer items to the prophet’s son.

 On March 29 the ‘prophet’ knocked at her door at around 7pm.

“I was expecting his ‘son’ but when he settled down and started talking about my daughter, I decided to give him attention, hopping for some results,” Atsenga said.

The bishop then lit candles and placed them around the white cloth to form a circle.

“He then covered my face with a leso and I heard weird voices, which he interpreted as ‘god’ directing me to strip naked since I was naked when conceiving my daughter and naked when giving birth to her,” she said,

“Meanwhile, he forcefully pushed me to the ground, touched me before entering inside me…he had sex with me without protection for around 20 minutes, folded the white cloth with the rest of the prayer gadgets and left,” narrates Atsenga in tears.

She added, “It was only after he had left that I realised, he used extraordinary powers to sleep with me. My attempts to reach him were futile and I decided to report the matter at Buru-buru police station but the officer I approached told me they couldn’t do much that for lack of evidence.”

Investigations reveal that, the con prophet’s contacts are also used by other witchdoctors called; Dr Bisori and Dr Bisaga. While one of his numbers is out of service, we got hold of the prophet but he denied knowing or sleeping with Atsenga.


On further prodding the prophet said, “I know her but is is not true that I raped or had sex with her. She ought to know that I’m still praying for her daughter.”

Atsenga has since sought treatment and necessary check ups following unprotected intercourse with a conman.

Investigations by The Nairobian established that some women sleep with witchdoctors to protect their marriages, lock their cheating husbands and even weaken men who play away matches.

Sometimes such escapades result in deaths, probably to conceal any evidence as was the case of a popular witchdoctor in Kawangware who was sentenced to death in a High Court judgment delivered on March 27,  2017.

Geoffrey Wachule was found guilty of killing Jane Kadogo Mutiso on October 20, 2013 in the Gatina area of Nairobi. A witness told the court that she heard a woman’s cries in the house of the accused.

The witness told the court that she heard Wachule ordering Kadogo to kneel down and seek forgiveness from the elders. Both were naked at the time. Kadogo’s head was found in the suspect’s house the following day hidden inside a basket.

 The accused confessed to the crime, but claimed he was out of his senses. He attributed this to a histort of mental illness.

 Married women easily fall into witchdoctors’ traps because they are emotionally weak, argues Psychologist James Mbugua.

Mbugua says witchdoctors like preachers spreading prosperity messages take advantage of women since they sacrifice a lot without giving it a second thought.

“On the other hand, society has changed and people offer their bodies for money without a second thought,” he explains.





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