Test results on Kajiado girl with tumor in mouth out on Friday – KNH


The 18 year-old from Kajiado with a tumour on her mouth will on Friday know what type of cancer she is suffering from.

Muansia Lenjoye was admitted to Kenyatta National Hospital last week after the Star reported her medical condition.

The tumor that has occupied about 11cm of the girls’ face is rapidly growing.

“Her health has improved in certain aspects, but as it stands we are racing against time.”

“We are only waiting for the results of the biopsy test that was done on Tuesday,” Edwin Rono, a KNH surgeon said.

“This will help us know our next step,” the Oral and cranio-maxillofacial expert told the Star on Wednesday.

“We had to reassess the patient since she did not have documentation of her medical history.”

She was attended to by pathologists, ENT specialists and other experts from other departments.

The specialists also put a central line and feeding tube through her stomach to enable her feed and breath well.

“The rapid growth of the tumor gives us the indication that it may before long block her airways,” Rono said.

A CT scan showed that her tumor was extensive and had deformed half of her face making it hard for her to eat.

She underwent an operation at Muhimbili Hospital in Tanzania through the help of a well wisher.

The girl was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma – a type of cancer made up of cells that develop into skeletal muscles.

“The paper work given to us by her mother showed that she was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma,” Rono said.

“However, we have to be very careful and hesitant not to take everything at face value.”

A chest x-ray, neck and abdomen ultrasound done at Kenyatta also showed the tumor had not spread to other body parts.

Muansia has been living with the tumor for the past one year.

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