Tension in Busia as ODM primaries' results delayed


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Tension is building in and outside the Busia Agricultural Training Centre tallying centre over delays in releasing the gubernatorial results of Thursday’s ODM primaries.

Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong’ is in a do-or-die duel with Funyula MP Paul Otuoma for the seat.

Two of Dr Otuoma’s agents were ejected from the tallying hall by anti-riot police for being disorderly.

The ODM chairman of the Busia County Elections Committee Joseph Juma, a retired judge, was interrupted by the two agents as one attempted to snatch a copy of the provisional results he was holding in his hands.

Dr Otuoma, who earlier addressed journalists and claimed victory in 90 per cent of the 175 polling stations, claimed there was a deliberate attempt to delay the results to rig him out.

“By 9pm Tuesday the officials had said 90 per cent of the results had been received and now 12 hours later they are nowhere to be seen,” Dr Otuoma said.

He told the poll officials to declare him the winner, arguing that results from the remaining 10 per cent of the polling stations could not make any difference for the final outcome.

“There was an attempt to try and subvert the will of the people of Busia but this has collapsed. Unless there is a miracle, which nowadays are rare, the results would be contrary to what we have,” the Funyula MP said.


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