RAILA is wasting time, UHURU already won! MATSANGA’s tongue slips and spills secrets


Renowned political activist, David Matsanga, has advised former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to stop wasting his time and bolt out of the August Presidential race because President Uhuru Kenyatta has already won.

Matsanga, a Ugandan lawyer and journalist, who is among those credited for bringing down the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the collapse of Uhuru/ Ruto’s cases, exuded confidence that Uhuru will get back to power after August polls.

He noted that plans were in top gear to ensure Raila Odinga never beats Uhuru in the next polls saying he has taken a leading role in campaigning for the incumbent.

“To be very honest, does anyone expect Uhuru to be voted out as President?”

“In my own opinion, Uhuru has already won the election thanks to his good leadership record.”

“Personally, I am fully behind him and it’s no secret that I am in the front campaigning for him.”

“Uhuru must become President again by all means,” said Matsanga.

“I may not have a voter’s card as I am not Kenyan, but politics is more than a voter’s card.”

“I am only going to play my part as a good supporter and believer of Uhuru’s leadership,” he added.

Sources – The Kenyan DAILY POST

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