PAUL KOBIA reveals the person who will make UHURU lose to RAILA ODINGA in 2017

Controversial city businessman, Paul Kobia, has warned President Uhuru Kenyatta that he risks losing the Meru community vote because he is unreachable for opinion leaders from the region

In a video clip circulating on social media, Kobia claims President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Personal Assistant, Jomo Gecaga, is among individuals who will make Uhuru lose to Raila Odinga.

Kobi says that Gecaga has been running State House like private property and accused him of being a stumbling block to Uhuru’s re-election.

The businessman says that Gecaga is not welcome in Meru but the President and his deputy, Wllliam Ruto, are.

This is the second time Kobia has said the President risks losing the Meru vote for being ‘unreachable’ adding that the community is now open to working with any party or coalition that will listen to them.

“The problem is with the Merus. They never disclose they will not vote for you but they act,” said Kobia.

Sources – The Kenyan DAILY POST

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