Irate Watamu residents torch tycoon's three cars in land dispute


Watamu residents on Thursday burned three vehicles belonging to a tycoon following a land dispute.

This was after the businessman demolished a rental flat owned by the family he claims lives on his land.

The irate residents raided Habib Mohamed’s tourist resort accusing him of using police and goons to frustrate the family.

Whereas the tycoon reportedly secured a court order to take over the property, the family says they lived in the plot for over 25 years.

Habib claims he has documentation to prove that he owns the said parcel.

He brought down the entire rental flat at around 4am. Three members of the besieged family were injured.

Following the demolition, community members stormed the tycoon’s home.

A Mitsubishi Pajero, a Peugeot and an ambulance were destroyed in the fracas.

They brought down the gate while others blocked the road leading to the resort before setting the vehicles ablaze.

Police fired teargas to disperse the irate mob who were baying for Mohamed’s blood. He escaped.

Five youths were arrested by the security personnel during the fracas. Tension remained high in the area for a better part of the day.

Mwanaisha Juma, a member of the besieged family, said they were woken up by the sound of heavy equipment.

“We first thought that robbers had invaded our home only to find police bringing down the house.”

“The police terrorised my mother and father, removed all their clothes and then took all of us to the station.”

Ali Didi, the tycoon’s business partner, said they lost Sh6 million following the attack.

Kilifi Senator Stewart Madzayo condemned the act asking the national lands commission to solve the row.


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